J. Benton

I am a Senior Research Scientist with the RISE Foundation at the NASA Ames Research Center.
Please see my CV (updated June 1, 2016).

I am interested in applications of automated planning techniques for real world situations. In particular, my focus is in planning with resource and temporal constraints, over-subscription and preference planning, multi-objective planning, planning with incomplete models (i.e., "model lite" planning) and the interleaving of planning and execution. My work looks toward developing heuristics and methodologies for expanding state-of-the-art planning technologies to these ends... one step at a time.

I also have an interest in cyber security domains and applying techniques in artificial intelligence to automate the discovery and eradication of network and executable vulnerabilities.

Check out the AAAI 2010 tutorial with Jorge Baier and Subbarao Kambhampati on Preferences and Partial Satisfaction in Planning.